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Our seaweed company is rooted in Scotland, and we take pride in that heritage. We engage in the local culture, community and conversation of North Uist. Our employees work in an environment where people feel valued, making contributions that enrich our Island home and the bountiful local ecosystem. Meet the people working to make our sustainable seaweed a mainstay of Scotland and those responsible for the Hebrides’ seaweed renaissance:


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Jean-Pierre Brien Uist Asco

Jean-Pierre Brien (JP)

Project Manager

I started working for the parent company Acadian Seaplants as an Engineering Co-op Student. After I graduated, I was given the opportunity to join the company as an Engineer at its land-based seaweed farm and then worked my way through all the other seaweed processing facilities in the company. In 2017 when Acadian purchased Uist Asco, I was offered the opportunity to come across to North Uist and manage the operation. It’s been a really great opportunity to see our team develop so quickly and to help build such a substantial operation here. I am so proud to see the positive impact Uist Asco has on the local community, seaweed resource and economy.

Casey McIntyre Uist Asco

Casey McIntyre

Resource Manager

I started my career at Uist Asco as an Assistant Resource Technician. I worked in the plant (covering for Operators taking holidays), harvested seaweed and eventually found my calling as Uist Asco’s Resource Manager. Having been given the opportunity to learn several jobs within the company has certainly broadened my understanding of all the great work we do here and has allowed me to advance my career.

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