Our goal is to satisfy the global demand for 100% natural Scottish seaweed, but first we need a steady supply. Through the hard work of Harvesters like you, we all can prosper as we gather and process this valuable, renewable resource.

Make Your Living Harvesting Seaweed


In the past, the alginate industry was the only market Harvesters could depend on to buy their seaweed.


Today, Uist Asco supplies local Ascophyllum nodosum to businesses and consumers in Scotland and around the globe for uses ranging from livestock feed to soil conditioners. As we work to meet expanding worldwide demand for our products, you can trust Uist Asco for reliable work harvesting quality seaweed.


As a cornerstone of our business, you’ll also find we work hard to keep our Harvesters happy with competitive compensation and other benefits. Depending on the size of your landings, you can support your family or supplement your income – the outcome is up to you.

How We’ll Help Along the Way


Though you get what you put into the harvest, you’ll have our full support. We provide our Harvesters with a variety of tools and resources to help them earn the most from each harvest:

  •  Offering a fair price for the seaweed our Harvesters collect

  • Training in our time-saving and ecofriendly boat and rake harvesting method

  • Financing programs for harvesting boats and motors to help Harvesters get started

  • Supplying nets, ropes and sickles for Harvesters interested in joining the harvest

  • Assistance from Resource Managers and Resource Scientists who monitor and measure local seaweed

  • Investment in the local harvesting infrastructure by developing landing sites to streamline seaweed transportation

Ready to make a living while you make a difference?

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