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The pristine coastal waters of the Outer Hebrides have long endowed local communities with a rich, all-natural resource.


Knotted wrack (or Ascophyllum nodosum) has fortified crops, livestock and the lives of people in North and South Uist for untold generations. As recently as the 1980s, local Harvesters sold this cold-water seaweed to alginate companies at the port of Girvan, enriching the prosperity of the local economy from this natural resource.


Today, Uist Asco is committed to developing an even deeper connection between the people of the Outer Hebrides and nutrient-rich Ascophyllum nodosum – now and into the future.


The Story of Uist Asco


In 2012, Raghnall Maclain and his family founded Uist Asco, seeing the potential of selling North Uist’s nutrient-rich seaweed to help improve the quality of life in the Outer Hebrides. Through their early efforts, the Maclain family created enough momentum that Acadian Seaplants Limited could take up the torch and pursue that vision.


Upon acquiring Uist Asco, we have taken great care to promote the business and Scottish heritage and sustain the local seaweed populations. We have invested in the local seaweed processing facility, raised compensation for Harvesters and hired local Resource Managers and Scientists to protect the seaweed. That progress is only the start.

The Exciting Road Ahead

Over the years, our seaweed has travelled the globe, nourishing the greens of European golf courses and feeding prized racing camels in the United Arab Emirates. As we work to further cultivate those relationships, we are eager to build new ones with partners near and far:

  • With local Harvesters, proving our dedication to their financial security through competitive compensation for clean and sustainably harvested seaweed.

  • With the people of the Outer Hebrides, taking our roles as environmental stewards and community members to heart in actions as well as words.

  • With regulators in Scotland, the UK, and beyond, adhering to sustainable harvesting and processing practices that protect Ascophyllum nodosum populations and limit our ecological footprint.

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