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The cold waters surrounding the Outer Hebrides in Scotland are pristine, teeming with complex and diverse wildlife and supporting vibrant, local communities with roots that trace back for generations. Harvesting all-natural seaweed in these thriving waters reminds us of our impact on the local ecosystem and population – and on this rich Scottish legacy.


Sustainability and environmental stewardship are cornerstones of Uist Asco. From sustainable harvesting methods to proactive resource management, we work to maintain a healthy supply of Ascophyllum nodosum that benefits the environment and Scottish economy for generations to come.

Here is what we’re doing today for a bright tomorrow:

Sustainable Seaweed Harvesting

Our ecofriendly efforts start with the harvest. Our harvesting methods are designed with the continued health of wild seaweed in mind. We cut fronds by hand or with specialized rakes that leave enough seaweed to grow and reproduce.


Resource Science

We take our role as stewards of Scottish Ascophyllum nodosum seriously. Our Resource Biologist monitors and measures seaweed populations along the coast, analyzing the health of local marine ecosystems to guide our Company and Harvesters in industry-leading sustainable harvesting practices.

Resource Management

As guardians of the marine environment, research has proven that properly managed, wild seaweeds are a rapidly renewable marine resource. Our Resource Manager works closely with Harvesters to ensure we’re adhering to our sustainable management practices.

RHI Compliance

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the harvest. Uist Asco strives to process our all-natural seaweed in more sustainable ways, drying our products with a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) compliant method instead of fossil fuels. Reducing our environmental footprint is an operational priority.

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