Author: Lisa Pokorny

How Uist Asco Promotes Sustainability: A Conversation about Higher Education with Malcolm Gibson


How does seaweed manufacturing impact the prosperity of local habitats? We revisit this question all the time. With sustainability at the core of our business, we’re always evaluating the way Uist Asco, local industries, and local communities impact the coastal ecosystem in the Western Isles. Though we learn an incredible amount about the science and […]
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Island Prosperity: How Good Jobs Make Life Better in the Outer Hebrides


By:  Jean-Pierre Brien, Projects Director, Europe Life in a rural island community is a unique and rewarding experience. The proximity to nature and close communal bonds with your neighbours is unimaginable for most people who call big city centers home, after experiencing it first-hand I wouldn’t trade it for anything. However, the fact that this […]
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4 Sustainable Success Stories in the Hebrides and Scotland — Making Our World a Better Place


By:  Jean-Pierre (JP) Brien, Project Manager at Uist Asco We’re seeing an encouraging trend across Scotland, where people are trying to find their own balance between sustaining their thriving communities and protecting their local environment. This greater eco-consciousness aligns with our emphasis on sustainability, showing that you don’t have to give up on the prosperity […]
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